1pm Self-Guided Deep Dish Pizza Tour

dan itibaren USD 65,00 $
  • Süre: 2 Saat (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: Chicago, IL
  • Ürün kodu: 1SGFLFTDDPT

Take a deep dive into a deliriously delicious world, where lofty, flaky crusts brim with sweet tomato sauce and a brazen amount of melty, gooey cheese. No trip to Chicago is complete without indulging in its most iconic and original food – deep-dish pizza. You could spend hours researching which place is best, then queuing up for a table, and waiting patiently as the long baking time for these hefty pies ticks down. Or you could simply take a Finger Licking Chicago Deep-Dish Tour to enjoy not one, not two, but three legendary joints – all in one easy-breezy 2-hour outing. This self-guided excursion, which is exclusive to only your invited guests, provides immediate seating with VIP service at the three institutions most responsible for Chicago’s celebrated deep-dish reputation. Wait time is at a minimum, too, as these knife-and-fork pizzas, which normally take upwards of 45 minutes to bake, will arrive hot out of the oven to you in a mere 10 minutes. Best yet, you can take leftovers with you.

It would be impossible to recreate an excursion like this in one day on your own that lets you dig into a decadent half cheese-half sausage pie at each of these landmarks: Gino’s East on Superior Street, Pizzeria Uno on Ohio Street, and Lou Malnati’s on Wells Street. With secret dough recipes passed down from generations, their own proprietary blends of sausage, and individual cast-iron pans seasoned from years of use, each place’s pizza boasts distinctive nuances, allowing you to judge for yourself which you like best. All three restaurants are a convenient stroll from one another in the vibrant Magnificent Mile area, too.

Founded in 1966 by two enterprising taxi drivers, Gino’s East has an unrivaled fan base that includes Chris Rock, Will Ferrell and Lady Gaga. Its initial-carved wood tables and graffiti-clad walls are nearly as famous as its astounding pizzas that start with from-scratch dough hand-patted into the pan, then layered liberally with cheese and sausage, and finally, sauce made from vine-ripened California tomatoes. Established in 1943, Pizzeria Uno lays claim to being the inventor of deep-dish with its tall-edged pizzas that have been a hit from the get-go. Lou Malnati’s, however, would argue it’s the originator with its unique deep-dish that sports a rich, butter crust and sausage that covers the entire circumference of the pie in one impressive patty.

An innovative virtual guide provides fascinating facts about each restaurant. The price of the tour is all inclusive with gratuities. An optional $35 beverage package includes a distinctive brewed-in-Chicago beer at each stop. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a deep-dish connoisseur or newbie, this tour will whet your appetite for Chicago’s finest like never before.